EatToHeal.com is a blog (site blog) aimed at those who interested in healthy eating, healthy life and natural life.

Hello, my name is Edy Wen. As you can see, I am real person. I am not some kind of robot on the internet or this blog is running on auto-blog. I am a social media, blogger, internet entrepreneur and real health practitioner. I am health doer. In this site you will find a wide variety of content, information, articles, tip/trick how to get the health you have always wanted. Also I will be sharing some of my real life experiences regarding life, wisdom and advice I have been getting through my whole life.

I hope what I have here in this site could inspire you to live healthier, to live your life to the fullest, could make you wiser and live according to your true purpose on this planet.

A little story about me

I grew up in Eastern Java Indonesia in a big family with 2 younger brothers and 1 youngest sister. I am Chinese born Indonesia. I was raised with straight Chinese culture in the family and Java Indonesia culture as general. I get both sides of the stories. I had good education all the way through high school thanks to our parents. I also had lovely grandmother who always took care of us at home while our parents working at the store. Our parents did pretty good job making sure we all have enough food to eat, enough clothes to wear and enough entertainment. My childhood was pretty much what normally children would dream of. It was wonderful.

After finished high school I went to Australia and earned my degree in IT after 3.5 years of study. Afterward I went to Beijing to learn the language and the culture. It was quite fascinating; it’s one of the kinds!  After 4 years of study and traveling, I went back to Indonesia.

My first and the biggest mistake…

Coming back to Indonesia was not easy for me. I was not really a fresh graduate and my Chinese level was not good enough to enter work place. So I decided to work for myself. It was a confusing and kind of a headache how to figure out what to do with my life at that time.

One day, I went a cross a book about how people could make a lot of money trading in stock market. I was intrigued. After reading it I asked my parents to borrow me some money to start trading and they did. I was so lucky that my first few trades earned me some money. Not a lot, but sure it beat banks’ interest rate in just a few days of trading. Then I got greedy when some of my friends told me that I could earn a lot more money and faster doing Foreign Exchange (Forex). So I did. I put all the money from the stocks I had and put them all in Forex account. I got lucky for my first 2 trades. But it was just so coincident that after that, the economy was not so good and I didn’t see it coming. To make a long story short, I lost about $15,000 in just 9 months. Maybe not a lot for some people, but it was for me! I was so down at the time and my parents got so angry with me and they said I wasted my time doing something I did not know so well. It was gambling for all they knew!

Lesson learned:

Never do something you do not understand. Get the knowledge and prepare yourself for the ups and downs. If you believe you can climb 1000 meters, prepare yourself in case you fall 1000 meters.

First offer and my first “job”

Being lost and confused, an old friend of mine offered me to join a small printing company but it will cost me some money to buy their shares. So I sold my car (my first car) and bought 1/5 of their shares.

Turn out that this small printing company also doing some motivation seminars that I thanked I did join their team. Some of their seminars are network marketing seminars. To be honest, I learn a lot about myself, what I did wrong in the past, what I was before just by attending a few of these seminars then what I got from 4 years of college or even 12 years of  compulsory study.

Introduction to the world of Internet

Just like every story it must have the beginning. Sometime in 2005 as usual I was sitting at my office minding my own business. I was reading news and surfing the internet as usual. Suddenly I got this pop-up about a program I never heard of from some guy who was promoting it. I did not know how this pop-up got into my computer at that time (but I know now). The system offered in this program was new to me. I was really excited and ready to order. But, there are dilemmas here. First, this would be my first the most expensive online order made by me and second, I was not sure if I could get the program which come in a CD package because I knew how the custom here in Indonesia is a little ‘fuzzy’ about stuff coming in from other countries.

After long and deep consideration I decided to buy it regardless of all the reasons above.

After 3 weeks of waiting, I got the CDs finally and I was learning the whole CDs straight away. From there my eyes were open to the possibilities and opportunities I never knew existed in the internet world and that was the time when I began to become the netizen of the internet world.

My second mistake

I joined a lot of forums and made a lot of friends too. Some of them I still keep in touch until today and have become dear friends even thought we never meet face to face. On my adventure through the internet world, I was introduced to some “make money fast” or “get rich quick” kind of schemes. Programs like HYIPs, surf-sites, paid-to-surf, pension plans, MLM investments and many others. I was doing fine with all of them at the first time and I did make money out of it.

For example, if one program made me 40% profit in 7 days, I would put the whole money (my capital money + profit) into the program again in a hope that I could double the profit in another 7 days. Most of time it worked pretty well. Until one day, some of those programs began to fall one by one. That’s when I realized that there is no such thing as “Get Rich Quick” scheme. I am sure some of you have experienced in this era. I made money but I also lost money. This is my second mistake. But I was not totally crushed. I learnt a lot of things too along the way. I made friends over the internet. And that’s what I want to say next.

New opportunities opened

Internet is a whole new game for me. I know what I have here may not be sufficient to answer all your questions. But I can assure you that you will get the best of my 30 years of experiences. All the things I said here are well tested. If I have new idea, I sure will test it with my real life experience.

This site is not about right or wrong. It is about sharing ideas and giving what I know best. I know together we can do better. Let us have each other and improve ourselves together.

After all, getting healthy is not as hard as you think. You just need a good set of mind!

Let’s be better together

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