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Drugs and Their Effect on the Body.

So, you have a cold or the flu? Feeling pretty down, right? Ready to run to the doctor and get a flu shot or other drug to ‘cure’ your illness? Bad idea! Why? First, let’s discuss what a cold or the flu or any other acute disease is. Acute disease is an illness that runs its course within a certain time frame. It is a ‘constructive’ disease as it removes toxins from your body. Let’s see why and how that’s possible.

The human body is perfectly designed to keep itself in tip top health. To do so it must release built up toxins in the body. Toxins are disease producing. The body cannot function properly with toxins. Built up toxins can come from any number of sources such as poor food selection, contaminated air or water, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, lack of exercise, overeating, stress, lack of sleep, etc. When the body collects too much in the way of toxins from these sources, it starts an internal ‘house cleaning’ by eliminating these excess toxins. Toxin release often creates symptoms such as found in the cold or flu or other acute disease. Fevers, chills, mucus, diarrhea, throwing up, are all symptoms proving that the body is trying to rid itself of these built up toxins. This is what you need the body to do to stay healthy!

Now, what do the drugs do to the body to ‘fight’ the illness? In simple terms, they suppress the symptoms by stopping the body from releasing the toxins. They do not, however, remove the cause of the illness. Only YOU can do that!

In summary, if you take drugs to suppress the symptoms of a cold or flu, you are setting yourself up for a worse illness later on, maybe years later, but it will be far worse than your initial cold or flu. Stopping the body from eliminating the toxins is cause for serious destructive disease later on in life. The body can only deal with so much in the way of toxicity. So what’s the answer to dealing with acute disease? Very simply, stop causing your body to accumulate toxins. How? By removing the causes that build up toxicity in the body. Check your diet, stop bad habits such as smoking or drinking, eliminate stress in your life, get more exercise, go outside for fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. These will go a long way to prevent accumulated toxins in the body and you will live a much longer life without the body instituted acute diseases such as the cold or flu, which prevent you from having serious destructive type diseases in later life.

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