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Milk and other dairy products are not for you.

I bet that title really gets your attention. Before I go any further, let me give you pros and cons about milk and other dairy products.


  • Calcium, which is important for healthy bones, is abundant in milk and dairy products. Although it’s possible to get ample calcium without milk, it does take some careful planning. Additionally, the calcium in milk is well absorbed by the digestive tract because the vitamin D and lactose found in milk facilitate calcium absorption.
  • Skim milk and products made from skim milk are very low in fat and cholesterol, and contain a complete source of protein.
  • Milk is also a good source of phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and riboflavin (a B vitamin).


  • Whole milk, or anything made of whole milk, is high in saturated fat, which can increase cholesterol level.
  • Milk is a common cause of food allergy (allergy to milk protein).
  • Many people, especially adults, lack the enzyme to digest lactose (milk sugar). This is called lactose intolerance, which causes bloating, gas, and diarrhea.
  • Milk (and meat for that matter) may contain the antibiotics given to the animal before slaughter. It has been argued that when humans then eat the dairy or meat products, they absorb the antibiotics, potentially allowing for bacteria harmful to humans to become more resistant to these antibiotics. The consequence is that when antibiotics are prescribed, they may not be as effective at killing the bacteria as they once were.

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We all can be pro and con about milk and other dairy products and this discussion will never end. It depends on how we look at this matter.

I personally think that drinking milk and consume other dairy products are not for humans. Let me prove this according to my understanding from what I have read and heard from various resources. And before I start, let me clear something here. When I say milk, it just means cow milk. Because almost 95% milk that is available in stores or supermarkets world wide is cow milk. We also consume cow milk more than any other animals’ milk. So when I say milk, it just means cow milk.

Ethical Aspect

Milk and other dairy products are not for humans. I believe it is. But why?

This is my explanation.

The universe has its way to show us that everything on earth has its path that we must follow.

For example:

Female human, when she gives birth to a child, her body knows that it is time to nurture the new born baby by giving it breast milk. It is the natural way of telling her that her baby needs something to consume. This is what becomes so interesting. This breast milk is not produced overnight, not just after the birth takes place. Actually it is a process starting from being pregnant, carrying the baby for over 9 months and then when baby is due. So again, this is a process that must take place. Therefore you know that in order to have breast milk, she must be in the state of being pregnant, right? If she’s not pregnant, breast milk will not be produced by her body. It’s simple.

This is when I say that drinking milk or consume any other dairy products are not ethical. Just like I said above, the breast milk is gained by being pregnant first. It’s the same as in cow. So how do you think cow gets pregnant?

I believe drinking milk started when the Industrial Revolution started around 1920s. At that time people in Europe and America all had to go to work. The need to have fast breakfast was urgent. So humans found a way that drinking milk would be the best drink for breakfast along with other meals (pancake, egg or bread).

Cows age around 15 to 20 years old. They only get pregnant once or twice in their lifetime in natural way. As milk becomes giant business for big corporations, profit is their only concern. If they only get once or twice milk from 1 cow in 15 years, do you think this is profitable for them? I don’t think so. They will need more cows in order to produce more milk to meet market demands. But that’s not possible. More cows mean more spaces to accommodate them, right? So what is sound economical is that to get 1 cow to always get pregnant all the time so they can get milk all the time just from 1 cow. So they can lessen the number of cows needed. Less spaces but more profit.

This is why humans do insemination to female cow so they can get pregnant. This also to ensure that the milk production meets the market demands. Can you imagine being pregnant all the time? I mean always get pregnant for life?

This happens to all the cows that produce milk. These big companies main concern is profit. They don’t care about the welfare of the cows. The sad thing is that when the cow is too tired to be pregnant again, they just simple put the cow into slaughter for its meat. So sad ha?


Our world is filled with lies and greedy people. What is good or bad for us sometimes hidden from our eyes. We hear stories from people around us, books, magazines, newspapers, TVs, etc and believe that something is true. Sometimes we see an advertising on TV and we think that this is right, this is for me, this is my my kids, etc. But do you really think that those advertisements really care about your wealth fare? All they care is just profit. If they can sell more it means more profit for them. So we have to be very careful about what we see, hear or read. Use your judgment by educating yourself so you don’t fall easily on things that greedy people do for us.

Nutrition that resides in milk is ONLY good for baby cow. Not for humans. If you like  to know more about this matter, I have great book for you to read. The book is by Hiromi Shinya, MD and the title is “The Enzyme Factor”. Great book to read.

In recent studies, milk is not only the cause of some allergies, but also related to the cause of diabetes in children. For more information you can click here.

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If you have any quesition or critic or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also I would love to hear from you about how you feel about this article. Please add your comment here and sharing with others will be greatly appreciated… ! :)

Balance is the key to Health

Balance is Key to Health – Original written by Georganna Nunes

When it comes to nature’s laws in securing a healthy body, one should be tenacious in one action in following the laws, and that is keep the balance. What that means is for each of the laws:

1. Use common sense,

2. Become well-educated on both sides of the issue,

2. Do not be an extremist in any thing you do,

3. Seek professional help when necessary, &

4. Don’t fall into the ’singularity’ mindset.

A further explanation of the above:

1. You can and should take health matters into your own hands, but realize that all of us are individuals and as individuals we have individual needs, so use common sense. What works for one person, may not work for you.

2. Try to educate yourself on all matters, and don’t just trust automatically in one school of thought. Get a well-rounded, balanced, education.

3. Going to extremes is not a good idea in any part of your life. Stay focused, but open minded to new ideas, faithful, yet logical in your beliefs, & diligent but simplistic in your habits/routines.

4. Just because a person seemed to become healthy after taking that placebo, doesn’t mean it was the placebo that did the work, right? Many factors can come into play with a person becoming healthy or developing an illness or disease, such as a slight change in diet or exercise, more or less rest, dental problems, a positive/negative outlook, etc. Just the belief alone is sometimes all that seems to be necessary, though that is usually accompanied by meditation (rest), abstinence from foods (fasting), etc.

All of the above can be applied to the 9 natural laws. (from here on, I explain how to apply it to each of the 9 steps in my book).

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