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Discover 5 Tips for Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s 31st of December 2011 and it is New Year’s Eve again. Every year is always the same. People partying, people wishing for good luck next year, better financial condition, wishing to have a new home, hoping to get married soon, hope to get pregnant soon etc, etc and etc. The list will never end. We wish for something better for next year.

I do not have any particular new year’s wish. But I always have resolution for every New Year, and every New Year I will have some resolutions that I will do for that New Year. About 2 months ago I was thinking what I will do or what are my resolutions that I can share with you guys.

So here I will share with you some of my 5 resolution for next year, and it is always relevant for years to come. It does not matter what is your situation now, these resolution will be your best wish to make your condition better.

1. Stay healthy

If I say “stay healthy”, it means that you will do whatever it takes to make your body fit, not getting sick. Always stay up all night is not healthy. Watching TV too much is not healthy. Smoking is not healthy. You must know this already. And I believe that you get a lot of information how to stay and be healthy from books, magazines or TV programs. So now it is time to do it and do it now.

2. Pay yourself first.

I read Robert T. Kiyosaki’s famous best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. In there he said about “pay yourself first”. What it means is that for every dollar you earn, you must put aside percentage of that dollar to be used by you FIRST. Not spend it or even worst, pay your debt. I know this is very hard for some people. But if you want to improve your financial situation, you must do this. Start with 3% of your earn income to be put aside as your saving, and then 3% for your investment strategy. That way, every month you will have some money for you only.

3. Go Green

When I say go green, it does not mean plant more tree or ride a bike instead of car. But “go green” can be anything that you do that DO NOT compromise our mother earth. For example: Have you ever used reusable bottle like Tupperware? If you use this refill and reusable bottle, you can always carry your own water with you without having to buy new one when you thirsty. This way, you reduce the use of plastic and you can always refill your bottle with new water when you get home. And you save money too…. :)

4. Make donation

How many times a year we make donation? I don’t think we as human ever consciously and willingly to make donation on regular basis like once a year or once a month or once every 6 months without wanting something in return, right? So from now on, we make donation on regular basis. It does not matter if once a year as long as you make donation. You can donate your old clothes, old furniture, old jackets, unused tools and any other stuff that you have hanging around your house that you no longer have any use of it. Donate to your favorite church, your favorite non profit organization like Red Cross or Salvation Army, orphaned houses or other non profit organizations.

5. Gratitute

We live the world of greed. How do we protect ourselves from those greedy people? I am not saying that greed is bad. But I see people sometimes crush and burn because they do not feel satisfy within themselves. So I am suggesting be thankful for everything that you have already had. What you have accomplished already. Do not pursue something that is out of reach. Even though there is quote “Put your dream as high as the star”, but I believe if the time is not right, no matter how hard you try, you still have to wait. So from now on, do your best to achieve what you always wanted, to achieve your dream, but on the other hand, be thankful for what you have. Be thankful that you still have your family to support you. Be thankful that your situation is a lot better than most people. Be thankful that you still have 3 meals a day. Be thankful that you still can sleep on a nice comfy bed. Be thankful for everything around you. And yes… gratitude is the last word I like to share with you.

So… there you have my 5 resolutions for your New Year. I wish you all the best luck in the world. God Bless!

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Reveal 7 Simple Activities To Get Great Health

Ok, here’s the list of my 7 activities that keep me ‘boost up’ every single day. It might be too easy for you or you may know it already, but if you do it regularly on a daily basis, it will make a different.

1. Drink water right after you wake up.
Wake up at 6.30 am in the morning. I know you will say ‘what? Isn’t that too early?” But I have my own reason why you should wake up that early every day. Drink 2 cups of water after you wake up. The water should have room temperature. Not cold water or hot water. It will help you ‘clean’ up your body after detoxification that happen the night before. Some of us can not drink that much at the beginning. Start with ½ cup of water and increase it gradually.

2. Breathing exercise and sunshine.
We do not get fresh air easily these days. The only way to get it is to wake up early enough. That is why I said wake up at 6.30 am because this is the time when we can still easily get fresh air. The way to do it is, inhale slowly for about 10 seconds, then hold it in for about 20 to 30 seconds depending on your ability, then exhale it for again another 10 seconds. This way you let fresh oxygen inside your body for awhile. As you know, our body needs a good amount of oxygen to ‘moisturize’ itself. Oxygen helps ‘feeding’ our body’s cells and helps them to recover the broken cells inside our body. Also when you do the breathing exercise, do it outdoor so you get the morning sunshine. Sunshine is important to us because without it, everything would die eventually. It provides us with the vitamin D which is used in combination with calcium to create strong bones. Do the morning sun-bath approximately 10 minutes at least everyday. Try to get the whole exposable part of our body like arms, face, hands and legs.

3. Exercise
Do a little exercise in the morning just after you do the inhale-exhale activities and sun-bathing. You can either do the walking or jogging or even running or whatever you like. Just get your body moves.

4. Have breakfast
It is not ‘break-fast’ meal. Get good breakfast for your morning meal. Do not do it in a rush. Take your time. If you wake up early enough (6.30 am) you will have plenty of time to make 1 decent breakfast. Even if you do not have enough time, you can prepare 1 bowl of hot oat meal. It is enough. Or you can have a banana with Soya juice. Or you can have melon juice which can keep you up to 3 hours to your next meal. Keep your breakfast light. Do not get too full for your breakfast.

5. Have your lunch before 12 pm.
Because you have light breakfast before, try to get your lunch before 12 pm. It is good for your stomach. If you pass 12 pm, I am afraid you will starve and it’s not good for your stomach. You can eat everything you like for your lunch. My recommendation is try to eat 30% raw food and the rest can be anything you like. Try to be ¾ full.

6. Have your diner before 6.30 pm.
For diner, try to be 1/3 full. Do not get too full for diner. Just like breakfast.

7. Brush your teeth and tongue
Most of us do not understand the importance of brushing our tongue. We know why we brush our teeth but forget to brush our tongue. I can say that brushing your tongue is just as important as brushing your teeth. When we digest our food inside our mouth, tongue is doing some hard work too. Not just our teeth. Also, whatever we eat, it will leave us something on our tongue. Have you ever notice if you drink soda and we could have some colors on our tongue? So try to brush your tongue the same time after you brush your teeth and feel the different.

Ok guys, those are my 7 tips to get your body in better shape everyday. If you like what I write up there, please do share by tweeting it to your friends and family members or on Facebook. Also please leave comment down here. I would love to hear from you.

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