The benefits of Guava.

Some of you might not know what guava fruit is, because it is not very common fruit for some countries in this world, especially countries with 4 seasons. But you can very easily find this fruit in the country like Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. Guava (in Latin it is called “Psidium”) is tropical fruit. Like where I live, guava can be found almost everywhere. It’s a blessing that I have this magnificent fruit.

The magnificent guava

Guava is one of the super fruits. One of the amazing things about guava is that it contains Lycopene, antioxidant to fight cancer. Lycopene can keep our body healthy and keep it away from free radicals that can cause all kinds of damage, including blocked arteries, joint degeneration, nervous system problems, or even cancer. Guava also has high in vitamin C. You know what vitamin C can do to your body, don’t you? :)

When you look at the picture, you can see that guava has a lot seeds just down the centre of the fruit. And I am personally convinced that the centre is where all the nutrition is located. Because it is kind of hard to eat the centre of the fruit with all this seeds and you have to have your own way to separate the seeds and the fruit itself. So the philosophy here is that sometimes we have to go through hard times/hard work in order to get something worthy.

Some benefits of guava are:
1. Lower the cholesterol level in our blood.
2. Reducing triglycerides.
3. Lowering blood pressure.
4. Smoothing the circulation of our blood and digestion system.
5. And some benefits I have mentioned above …

So now you know some benefits of guava, I recommend you to have it everyday. Buy them whenever you see them on the stores or your local supermarkets. Daily consume is much recommended for you. But do not consume guava juice in the package, the ones that you also find on the stores, as it contains sweetened and the nutrition is not equivalent to the whole fruit itself.

And a little tip from me, pick up the red-fleshed ones as it contains more nutrition and have more antioxidants.

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#1 Nil on 12.28.11 at 11:52 am

it was nice article please keep writing such articles

#2 AndreaBartman on 09.01.12 at 11:22 pm

I have tried this fruit before and thought it tasted really nice. I did not realise it was so good for you and I love how it lowers cholesterol level, as a lot of foods do the opposite. Thank you for sharing this information and I will definitely be eating this fruit more often.

#3 Nina Berkowitz on 01.24.14 at 5:24 pm

I love guava! I did not realize it had benefits like lowering your cholesterol, thats great to know!

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