What is the Purpose of Your Marriage?

What is the purpose of your marriage? This might be one of the toughest questions among us. Getting married is our common social status that we must do as we get older/get mature. It is not compulsory to get marriage, but if we do get married, people will see us differently. It will improve our social status. In some developing countries, people can get married as young as 15 years old. But in some developed countries; things can get more complicated than just saying “I do”.

People tend to forget about the purpose of their marriage after a few years of marriage. Often times, even just a few months. It is because they do not know what it was when they first got married.

Sex, want to have kids, want to live together forever, this can be a big driving force to get married. When we say “I am adult now, and I think I can get married” or “I am so in love with him/her, I can just marry this person” or “I am in love with him/her and I can not live without him/her”. There is nothing wrong with this question. The problem is there are a lot to it than just a statement.

That’s why getting divorce is so common now. There are countless books that talk about how to have a happy marriage. But actually all those books only talk about small pieces how we can have a happy marriage or how to avoid divorce. Those books only talk about how to keep your marriage alive, how to make your partner happy and hundreds or thousands other tips to keep your marriage everlasting.

Actually there are a few fundamentals we have to understand in marriage life. This way, we don’t just want to get divorce whenever we face problems with our partner. In my next article, I will be talking about the fundamentals of marriage life.

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#1 John on 09.28.11 at 11:03 am

Marriage is a lifetime commitment
Marriage is meant to last forever. You are committed for the long haul; therefore figure out whatever you need to make it work. When you argue, are frustrated, tired or bored, say to each other: “We are in this together, forever. Let us get through this, because on the other side lies the happiness we both want, the happiness a successful marriage provides.”
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